Boston Week 4

What a week! This past week has been the longest-- but also best-- week in a loooooong time. It involved lots of stress, lots of swimming, and lots of laughing and time with friends.

When I left you last week, my knee was feeling better, but I hadn’t run in a few days. I spent the rest of the week in the pool, and it has definitely paid off.

Week 4 (1/8-1/14)

  • Sunday: PT, Swim, Core, Myrtl
    • Sunday was our last day in Nashville, and I made sure to take full advantage of the awesome gym at the Westin. I did my PT exercises then got into the baby sized pool (overlooking Nashville’s skyline), which Jon and I decided was 12 yards long. After a few laps, it became a wave pool because of its size, but I definitely managed to get a good workout in before eating a great breakfast at Frothy Monkey (thanks Gab for the suggestion) and spending 10+ hours sitting around in airports. I took advantage of my time at BWI by doing core, petting pups, and getting some work done. We finally landed back in Boston around midnight, after landing 2 seats after standing by at BWI for 4 hours.
    • Workout summary: 672 yards in 15:27
      • Curls, Extensions
      • Core, Myrtl
  • Monday: Swim
    • I went to the orthopedist and he couldn’t decide whether I was having major IT Band issues, or I did something to my Meniscus, so he ordered an MRI (for Friday 1/21). We decided that with the time crunch of Boston, it’s worth it to do an MRI at this point. He said I’m still good to swim though, so I was sure to get some time in the pool before ending the night catching up with a professor from RIT and grabbing some pizza with friends for Daniel’s Boston Fundraiser. As if the day wasn’t hectic enough, my landlord told us we had 1 short week to decide if we wanted to resign the lease for 9/1/17 (yes, 9/1!), so Gab and I started the search for 2 new roommates (boo Amy and Colette won’t be staying)!
    • Workout summary: 800 yards in 15:21
How to get through a doctor's appointment: Dunkin'

How to get through a doctor's appointment: Dunkin'


  • Tuesday: Swim
    • I started the day with curls and extensions then hit the pool before I saw Tom, who I knew would probably dry needle me. Tom said my knee looked night and day compared to the last Wednesday, which was reassuring to hear. 
    • Workout summary: 720 yards in 14:35
      • Curls, Extensions
  • Wednesday: 30 Bike & Swim
    • Before meeting a potential roommate, I got on the bike to warm up then got back into the pool. Gab and I also met 2 girls downstairs who wanted to stay in their apartment-- but needed a 3rd-- and continued to try and convince them to move into our apartment so we could stay. I also had a really great talk with Mary about the importance of rest and knowing when your body just needs a break and time to reset. It's been great getting to know Mary over ths past year (after knowing who she was for a while because of my college BFF Maddy-- I know I'm creepy), and she's never afraid to keep it real when it comes to running and doing what's best for your body. She's also really funny so you should check out her blog.
    • Workout summary
      • Bike: 12 miles in 30:33
      • Swim: 1,050 yards in 21:12
  • Thursday: Swimming & Lifting
    • I saw Tom in the morning and he said my knee was getting even better… success! After work, I lifted before I got in the pool. My good friend Jeremy has been creating lifting plans for me for the past year, and I’ve gotten too busy (lazy?) to do them the past few weeks, so I’m trying to get back into the habit of lifting twice a week when possible. After the gym, I joined my good friends Britto, Jana, Carolyn, and Julia at Dig Inn for some goodness in a bowl, laughs, and the best cookies I have ever had.
    • Workout summary: 750 yards in 15:49
      • Weight lifting
  • Friday: Swimming
    • Welcome to most stressful day in a while, part I. I got to the pool before heading into work, and was glad to have my workout done early in the day. Around noon, I learned I would have to pick up 150 bananas for the Race the T race the next day, instead of getting them delivered. Thankfully Colette and Amy would be going from our apartment to the finish line, so they could bring them for me once I picked them up. I left work only to get on the E line, thinking it was the B line, and didn’t realize until I was at The Pru. I decided to opt against taking the T to bfresh from there, since I was supposed to meet one of the girls from the downstairs apartment and then some friends for birthday dinner around 6:00. At this point, it was 5:30 and I was running so late. I spent 45 minutes in a Lyft with a driver who kept telling me he could eat 150 bananas. Around 6:00 I got home, met the girl from downstairs, basically threw things at Colette and Amy for the race, and headed to Jon’s for sushi with friends. Thankfully Jon (and his roommate Jon) were able to handle the food delivery, and we ended the night with FOMU ice cream. Wanting to get to bed ASAP, Jon, Jon, and I did whatever we could to prepare for the race.
    • Workout recap: 1,144 meters in 24:42 (longest freestyle swim!)
I'm fairly confident my arms are going to fall off soon

I'm fairly confident my arms are going to fall off soon

My friends make miso happy

My friends make miso happy


  • Saturday: 30 minute walk, 2 minute run; Lifting
    • I woke up Saturday and headed to BC Station T stop for Race the T. Although it was great to see so many people running on the course, I won’t lie and say it wasn’t a little sad knowing I should be out there. Thankfully, people started showing up for the race, and before I knew it, it was 10:30. I read the rules out to everyone, reminded them not to get hurt because I don’t want to get arrested, then headed for the 1st T. Riding the T to Blandford was fun, especially because I got to takeover Only In Bos’ snapchat. Once at Blandford, I had my marathon party at Scoozi, and ended the event having raised $3,000+ AND hit my $7,500 goal. I plan to do a full race recap-- from the race director’s seat-- but for now, check out Race the T on News 7. After everything calmed down, I met a potential roommate, and spent some time on the phone with the realtor. After figuring everything out, Colette let Gab and I know she wanted to stay, so yay, 4 roommates! With 2 major stressors getting checked off, I headed to the gym to run/walk and lift. The run went great-- no pain-- and I was so excited! To top off the day, I left the gym and headed to Tavern in the Square for dinner and a joint birthday party with Daniel. Thankfully Daniel was too lazy to plan his own party, so he asked if we could combine one, and in turn, I got a party too! Unfortunately, the Patriots beat the Texans, but I think Daniel still had a fun birthday.
    • Workout recap: Walk and pain free .25 miles
      • Weight lifting
100+ people raced the T for Back on My Feet

100+ people raced the T for Back on My Feet


Hopefully this week is a lot less stressful, and it’ll be capped off with a weekend in New Hampshire for Greg and Abbe’s birthdays. Every year, Greg and Abbe rent a cabin in NH and invite all their friends to celebrate their birthdays, play in the snow, and pet puppies, and this weekend has become something I look forward to every year. Last year I watched Abbe and James get engaged, and then watched as Abbe decided Jon was my boyfriend. Obviously great things happen this weekend.

As for that MRI? It’s still scheduled, but Tom and Steven are thinking we can cancel it, so I’m hoping my knee continues to improve.