Boston Week 3 & Nashville

Since we talked last, I’ve been doing something I’m not good at… taking things down a notch, and resting. Luckily, my two close friends Jana and Britto have the same mindset so I know I’m not alone-- they both blogged about their take on slowing down, so be sure to check them out! I had a short work week thanks to being off Monday, taking Tuesday off, then heading to Nashville on Thursday, so this was the perfect week to “say yes to rest,” as Britto says!

I’m confident this is paying off because my knee is feeling a ton better (more on that below), and I’m hoping for some good news at the doctor tomorrow (if I ever leave BWI). Week 3 of training was mostly spent in the pool, and although my arms hurt a ton, I know this is what my body needed.

Best way to get dirty looks: do a workout on the pool deck

Best way to get dirty looks: do a workout on the pool deck

Week 3 (1/1-1/7)

  • Sunday: 15 walk, lunges/squats/leg swings, 5 run x 3; Core; Myrtl
    • Steven wanted me to test out the knee post massage (Friday) and I was really hoping that did the trick. My knee was fine while walking and doing the lunges (part of my warmup that I have neglected for the past year+), squats, and leg swings. The first minute of my run felt great, and I made sure to slow it down a bit knowing Steven would yell at me if I went as fast as I wanted to. About 3 minutes in, I knew the massage didn’t fix my problems, and struggled through the rest of the workout before Jon and I did core and myrtl together. Afterwards, my knee hurt a ton, but I attributed it to the 150 lunges, 60 squats, and 150 leg swings I had just done.
    • Workout recap: 3.9 miles in 1:01:00
      • Core, Myrtl
      • Lunges, Squats, Leg Swings x 3
  • Monday: Lunges; Swim; Myrtl; Squats
    • Knee was feeling a bit better, so I went for a swim (after lunges), then finished with myrtl and squats. BSC is great for embarrassing you while doing warmups on the pool deck since there are large windows leading out to the gym… thanks BSC! Thankfully, swimming didn’t seem to hurt it much more.
    • Workout recap: 1,000 yards in 23:57
      • Myrtl
      • Lunges, Squats
  • Tuesday: Lunges; Squats; Leg Swings; 25 bike; Lunges; Squats; Leg Swings; 30+ Swim; Myrtl; Core
    • Holy marathon of a workout! I headed to the gym to do my warmup then got on the bike for 25 minutes. If nothing else, it felt great to actually sweat for the first time in… who knows how long. I made sure to do my second set of lunges, squats, and leg swings before I went into the pool, since I didn’t want to be embarrassed if I didn’t have to be. I swam a mile, did core, and decided I needed to eat before I went crazy. Finished up the day doing core with Polly (read: Polly watched, just like old times) when we painted green line medals for Race the T.
    • Workout recap:
      • Bike: 9.3 miles in 25:00
      • Swim: 1,750 yards in 42:44
      • Lunges, Squats, Leg Swings x 2
      • Core, Myrtl
  • Wednesday: 15 walk, lunges/squats/leg swings, 5 run x 3; Core; Myrtl
    • Steven wanted to try Sunday’s “workout” again to test the knee, so Danielle joined me for a bit of it on the track during 5:30 November Project. This workout is LONG (~1:20), so it was great to have a friend do a bit with me. Even better is that Danielle is a PT and always listens to me complain about my injuries, and offers up her advice (and she’s just a great friend). The first run felt okay, no better or worse than before, but by the 2nd and 3rd runs, I was hurting… badly. When we were done, Danielle even made a comment about how after watching me run all summer (I swear she’s not creepy, but we ran together 99% of Wednesdays in the summer) she could tell that I something was wrong. Once I finished up, I walked over to Swissbakers to grab coffee and say bye to Nathan and Tommy (my SF family), then walked to PT. My knee felt totally fine after the 4 mile “run” and the 1.5 mile walk, but as soon as Tom started poking around, I was not feeling great. Tom decided that if nothing more, the massage on Friday was great to get rid of all the build up on my muscles so he could actually figure out what was going on. He shifted his mindset from thinking my IT band was pulling on my kneecap to a partially torn meniscus. I’ve seriously injured my knee 3 times before, so this is not what I wanted to hear with just over 100 days left until Boston. We did some strength exercises and I quickly learned that although my hips may be strong now, by quads and hamstrings are not, and I need to build those back up. With a positive attitude, I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for Monday!
    • Workout recap: 4.06 miles in 1:01:19
      • No Core or Myrtl
  • Thursday: Swim
    • Back to the pool, but this time no breaststroke… I can easily swim a mile, and usually swim 9 lengths of breaststroke and 1 of freestyle, repeated by 7 to get me to 1,750 yards, but Tom told me to stay away from breaststroke because of my knee. I haven’t swam straight freestyle in SO long, and man did it suck. Instead of feeling like I was drowning the whole time, I swam 10 100 yard repeats and the knee felt great. After the pool, I got myself to the airport to join Jon in Nashville! Once there, I spent the rest of the day working at the Opryland, which is basically a city within a bubble.
    • Workout recap: 1,000 yards in 23:10
  • Friday: Swim, PT, Core, Myrtl
    • Thankfully Opryland has an awesome pool so I did 11 50 yard repeats while watching a 7 year old boy and girl fall in love. While I’m usually bored swimming, this made it so much better. He even asked the girl to sit next to him at lunch-- so cute! Later in the day Jon and I hit the gym to do my leg extensions and curls (as per Tom’s request), core, and myrtl. We ended our night eating BBQ and listening to live music on Broadway.
    • Workout recap: 550 meters in 12:18
      • Core, Myrtl
      • Curls, Extensions
  • Saturday: OFF DAY
    • I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a real off day. I usually do yoga on off days, and welcomed this one so much. Jon had planned to do his long run with a group in Nashville early in the morning, and I was so excited to sleep in before we explored Nashville for a bit before our 6:30PM flight. However, the snow in Boston had different plans for us… Jon woke me up at 6:30 to tell me that Southwest sent him alert suggesting we rebooked our flight that night to an earlier one because of the snow. As much as we wanted to stay in Nashville, we wanted to get home to see our friends and relax before a busy week ahead. We switched our flight to an 11:30AM one, and went back to sleep. About an hour later, we woke up to an alert from Southwest saying our flight was canceled and we had to rebook it ourselves. Frustrated, we got online and saw the earliest flight back to Boston was Monday at 6:40AM. WOOF. We booked that one to be safe, while started thinking of alternative methods to get back sooner. For all who know me, I’m sure you can imagine how not happy I was, as someone who loves plans and hates spontaneity. We looked into booking an earlier flight with another airline (too expensive), flying somewhere else until we could get back to Boston (also too expensive), and finally got some help from Southwest (after lots of sweet-talking and asking them what they would do) to re-route our flight on Sunday to Baltimore. Now getting home 12 hours earlier than previously planned, we got a room at the brand new Westin Nashville, and made the best of our trip. While Jon did his long run (a casual half marathon), I hung out at ACME and did some work while listening to live music (my dream). We made sure to hit up Hatch Show Print since I was super jealous of my roommate Gab and her boyfriend Jason’s trip there a few weeks ago. We ended the night grabbing BBQ at Martin’s (thanks for the recommendation, Chris) and heading back to ACME to listening to some more music.
    • Workout recap: NOTHING. It was glorious.
  • Total mileage for the week:
    • “Running”: 7.95 miles over 2:02:20
    • Swimming: 2.47 miles over 1:42:10
    • Biking: 9.3 miles over 25:02
Decent Nashville sunset thanks to Westin's awesome view

Decent Nashville sunset thanks to Westin's awesome view

Moral of the story: my knee isn’t much better and I need to embrace rest days more. I’m excited (well, as excited as I can be about an injury) to see my orthopedist tomorrow to get some answers. I’m also excited about my birthday (on Saturday) and my Race the T race and party to benefit Back on My Feet.

Looking for something to do on Saturday? Join me as I see which of my friends are faster than the green line!