Boston Weeks 1 & 2

I hope 2017 is treating everyone well so far! In these first 4 days, I’ve realized how much adulting sucks, as I’m now on my own insurance and feel like I’ve spent hours on the phone with my insurance company (thanks Mom and Dad for letting me mooch off of you as long as possible).

I know one of the reasons I started Little Bun, Big City was to speak freely about how my training has been going, so I apologize for the lag in that. Truthfully, I’ve been dreading writing this, because training has sucked so far, and I don’t think it’ll get better for a while…

Let’s back up a few months. Before Philly Half in November, I was feeling great-- the best I had since I started training with Steven, my coach, in December 2014 even. My original goal for the half was 1:52, but after running a 1:53:21 a few weeks prior with 5 days notice and therefore no taper (file that race under “Jon’s brilliant ideas”), Steven convinced me I would be running a 1:45. HA HA HA. But I was hitting my tempos right where I needed to, and running mile repeats faster than planned. So whatever, I trusted him and went with it. I decided my goal was a 1:47, but I would be happy with a 1:50, and that was totally doable. I ran 7.5 miles at an 8:08 average pace the week before the race, and I felt ready to hit 1:50.

But race day came, and my body wasn’t having it. Although feeling good, I had been telling Steven how tired I was for weeks leading up to the race. As soon as the gun went off, I knew 1:50 wasn’t happening, and I would be happy just to finish. Thankfully I knew I had NP Philly, Jon, and my friend Tom to look forward to at Mile 9. The night before I told Tom to be ready to run with me if I needed an extra boost (thanks Tom for letting me volunteer you), and by Mile 5 I had already texted Jon telling Tom I needed him. I finished the race, 13+ minutes off from my 1:50, cried a bit, and decided that’s what I got for training nonstop for 10.5 months.

Yup, that’s right, 10.5 months. I didn’t take more than a few days off here and there, but thought I was fine.

Anyways, after some much needed time off (and running trails in SF and getting sick in Seattle), I was ready to be back and in training mode-- especially excited because it was for Boston! I stupidly thought my training would pick back up where it ended before Philly, and I was wrong.

Week 1 (12/18-12/24)

  • Sunday: 90 minutes (28 easy, 2 @ sub-8 x 3); Strides; Core; Myrtl
    • I was really anxious to go on this run. Probably due to the fact that I had unrealistic expectations that I would be as fast as I was before Philly, but I’m glad I got out the door and did it. I saw Derek as he was heading onto the Esplanade from the Mass Ave. Bridge, and finally caught him before he was heading back into Cambridge on Longfellow. Somehow I convinced him to run a bit more with me, and I really needed that motivation. After I finished, I did strides, and Jon joined for core and myrtl (read: he complained and I yelled at him).
    • Workout recap: 10.5 miles over 1:30:02; 8:34 ppm, with 2-minute tempos @ 7:26 average
    • Strides, Core, Myrtl
  • Monday: 12x200 (1 mile warmup, 12x200 with 200 moving rest/400 every 4, 2 mile cooldown)
    • My legs were trashed in the morning, so I slept in. At work, we had our weekly yoga class, which is the only thing that gets me excited about mondays. It was cold, dark, and windy on the way back from Seaport. I normally hate speedwork, but this one was fun, and changed just frequently enough to keep it entertaining.
    • Workout recap: 6.5 miles over 55:46; 8:35 ppm, with 200s @ sub-7:30
    • Tuesday: 30 minutes; Strides; Myrtl
    • I had a PT appointment in the morning, so wanted to get my run in before that, knowing Tom would dry needle me and I wouldn’t be able to run. It was freezing out, and my legs started to feel a bit tight, but I didn’t think anything of it thanks to the 17 miles over the past 48 hours.
    • Workout recap: 3.25 miles over 28:34; 8:47 ppm
    • No Core or Myrtl
  • Wednesday: Mile repeats (10 minute warmup, Mile @ 7:52-8:00 with 1:45 standing rest x 4, 10 minute cooldown); Myrtl
    • This workout was dark. And cold. And lonely. Usually Danielle runs with me on Wednesdays, but she took the day off after going to the Celtics game the night before. Still felt tight, but better than Tuesday thanks to the dry needling, and hit my miles faster than I needed to.
    • Workout recap: 6 miles; Mile repeats- 7:35, 7:46, 7:41, 7:41
    • Core, Myrtl
  • Thursday: Swim
    • Steven started me in the pool this spring, and I’m so happy I stuck to it. Although getting in the pool is hard, it’s a great time to think, and give my body a rest.
    • Workout recap: 1,000 yard swim over 24:25
  • Friday: 40 minutes hills (with 6x30 second sprints); Core; Myrtl
    • I was in Baltimore, so joined NP Baltimore for Patterson Park repeats. While everyone else did suicides and push ups, I stuck to repeats… and skipped the sprints. About 35 minutes in, the outside of my knee started to hurt, but I finished out the workout anyways, and made sure to ice and roll out my quad/IT band in the car with Jack (while I ate my Diablo Doughnut and Artifact coffee). And this is when we start to go downhill…
    • Workout recap: 4.52 miles over 42:01; 9:18 ppm
    • No Core or Myrtl
  • Saturday: Yoga with 60 minute walk
    • ...And I did nothing besides sleep (-shrugs-)
  • Total mileage for the week:
    • Running: 31.27 miles over 4:29:36
    • Swimming: 1,000 yards over 24:25
Yoga-ing around the Christmas tree

Yoga-ing around the Christmas tree


Week 2 (12/25-12/31)

  • Sunday: 105 minutes (28 easy, 2 @ sub-8 x 3); Strides; Core; Myrtl
    • I dropped Hayley, my mom, and aunts off at the movie theaters and drove to a park in Hagerstown to do my long run (approx 12 miles). About a quarter mile in, my knee hurt way more than it should have, so I stopped and called Steven. We decided it wasn’t worth it to keep running (side note: about 10 years ago, I tore my MCL, PCL (partial), and meniscus (partial) in my right knee, then partially tore my MCL again about 4 years ago… and again 2 summers ago… I think) and we should play it safe. I used the time set aside to go on a long walk so I could get some cardio in.
    • Workout recap: 5 mile walk over 1:22:37
    • Core, Myrtl (no Strides)
  • Monday: 10 Walk, 5 Run x 2; Core; Myrtl
    • Tested the knee out and it wasn’t much better. Those 5 minute chunks were painful, and I obviously started to freak out.
    • Workout recap: 2.5 miles over 30:00:33
    • Core, Myrtl
  • Tuesday: Swim
    • My normal pool was closed, so I had to venture 1.5 miles to the next closest one. While I had time to kill before that, I lifted for the first time in 423847209 years (I’m being dramatic, maybe it was a month). The swim was uneventful as usual, and I somehow got my own lane!
    • Workout recap: 1,750 yards in 42:37
  • Wednesday: Pool walking (apparently it’s a thing?)
    • I got up early and drove to Worcester with Jon and Sarah so we could go to NP Woo and get another tag on our passport shirts. After walking 2 stadium sections with Sarah, my knee was hurting, and I opted for some yoga and a solo injury deck. Later I saw Tom, who basically mauled me with needles (dry needling), and later all I could do was walk around in the pool for half an hour.
    • Workout recap: .3 miles in 30:00
  • Thursday: Swim
    • Back to the pool!
    • Workout recap: 1,000 yards in 26:00
  • Friday: 5 minute run, 5 minute walk; Swim
    • I lifted to finish out the 2nd day in my plan, and was feeling hopeful about this run after Wednesday’s dry needling session. But it sucked. A lot. I had a sports massage scheduled for later in the day, so was banking on that being great. My swim was the same as all others. That massage? Helped a ton, and I basically learned I’m so tight that it’s probably pulling on some things, like my knee.
    • Workout recap: .75 miles over 10:17 “running”; 1,000 yards over 24:52 swimming
  • Saturday: Swim, Yoga
    • Steven wanted me to get in the pool before (10:00AM) yoga (WOOF), but I did it anyways. Yoga felt great, and it was great to get back on the mat after an off/on for a few weeks. I finished the year off dancing to live music with some of my closest friends. Probably not the best for my knee, but whatever.
    • Workout recap: 1,750 yards in 43:45; 1:30 Vinyasa
  • Total mileage for the week:
    • “Running”: 8.78 miles over 2:35:25
    • Swimming: 5,500 yards over 2:17:14
So. Many. Pools.

So. Many. Pools.


...So yeah, it’s Wednesday of week 3 and Tom has come to the conclusion that I have a partially torn MCL (after being able to poke around a bit better due to the massage). He gave me some exercises to work on, and talked about how we’ve been giving my hips so much attention, that we’ve been neglecting some of the important stuff. I’m trying my best not to freak out, and will see a doctor (sup, Dr. Grunin?! Did you miss me?) on Monday.

Until then, I’m going to do my best to enjoy my trip to Nashville and focus my energy on swimming, biking, yoga-ing, and getting excited about my Race the T event next Saturday! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read about it in The Boston Globe and Boston Magazine!