Boston Week 5

When I left you last week, I had spent a lot of time in the pool, and was starting to do the running thing again. Unfortunately this week didn’t go as planned, and I spent just as much time in the pool, but did manage to get a 10 minute run in! Aside from training, work got a bit crazy, and I am still dealing with some Race the T PTSD, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer for that race recap… thankfully I was able to end the week in New Hampshire with a ton of my friends and FIVE dogs!

Week 5 (1/15-1/21)

  • Sunday: 60 minute walk; Yoga
  • I woke up after a great birthday party and walked 3 miles to yoga. My favorite yoga instructor, Jess, was back in town after so very rudely moving to NYC, and there was nothing that could stop me getting to one of her classes. Jess is one of the yoga instructors that really helped me learn to love yoga, so I pretended that she came back to Boston for the weekend for my birthday. After class I grabbed lunch with a friend, ran to the gym to do PT, then went home to hang out and wrap things up from Race the T. I ended the night getting Indian delivered to my couch.
    • Workout recap
      • 60 minute walk
      • Yoga
      • Curls, Extensions, BOSU ball side-to-side squats
  • Monday: 8 minute walk, 4 minute run x 2; Core
    • Monday was November Project’s 6k race, and although I couldn’t “race” it, I missed November Project and knew the sunrise at Pleasure Bay would be great. I somehow convinced my friend Kayla* to join me and although getting up so early was terrible, catching up with Kayla and hugging the tribe was worth it. This was also my first time running for more than 2 minutes and I was really excited-- thankfully everything felt great. After the 6k (Kayla and I only did 2.7 miles), some friends and I grabbed breakfast at Friendly Toast before I spent the rest of the day on Jana’s couch and at PT. I forced myself to do Core, knowing Steven would be mad if I didn’t.
    • *Kayla is running Boston for The Greg Hill Foundation-- be sure to check out why she's running and support her
    • Workout recap: 2.7 mile walk/run
      • Core
Kayla #DidItForTheInsta, but I'll take it!

Kayla #DidItForTheInsta, but I'll take it!


  • Tuesday: 6 minute walk, 5 minute run, 6 minute walk; swim
    • Steven wanted me to try out running again so I had a pain-free 6 minute walk, 5 minute run, 6 minute walk before getting into the pool. The pool was… the pool, but I was glad to get a good workout in. I also got to the gym after work to start my new lifting plan, which kicked my butt, as always.
    • Workout recap
      • Walk/Run/Walk 
      • 850 yards in 17:37
      • Lifting
  • Wednesday: 6 minute walk, 4 minute run x 3; PT; Core; Myrtl
    • I was excited to get to run again, and thankfully didn’t feel any pain in my knee until the 3rd 4 minute segment. After the run, I did my PT exercises before Tom beat the crap out of my quad. I was also honestly glad to not be in the pool, because my arms were starting to feel like they were going to fall off.
    • Workout recap: Walk/run
      • Curls, Extensions, BOSU ball side-to-side squats
      • Core, Myrtl
  • Thursday: Swim
    • Back to the pool! After work I rushed through my second day of my lifting plan before meeting up with a group of girls to watch Jana* talk about her role at Janji on a panel at General Assembly.
    • *Have you realized how much time I spend with Jana? I’m very lucky she decided to move in down the street from me :)
    • Workout recap: 1,150 yards in 24:21
      • Lifting
Fangirling over Jana #NanasForJana

Fangirling over Jana #NanasForJana


  • Friday: 5 minute walk, 10 minute run, 5 minute walk; swim
    • I was really excited for this 10 minute run and to see how my knee would hold up since things started to be getting better. I got through around 7 minutes without some pain, and finished out a 1.06 mile run in 10 minutes. A month before this, I ran 4 mile repeats at a 7:41 average pace, so it was a bit humbling to run a mile in 9:29, but you gotta start somewhere… After my “run,” I hopped in the pool before getting my MRI. Later that night, I headed to New Hampshire with Jon, Greg, Hannah, and #MaryThePuppy, for a weekend in a log cabin for Greg and his twin sister Abbe’s birthday. This is my third time joining Greg and Abbe in their festivities, and it’s one of my favorite weekends of the year as it’s great to disconnect (if only a little bit) and relax.
    • Workout recap:
      • 10 minute run!
      • 500 yards in 10:11
  • Saturday: Hike Mount Moosilauke
    • I woke up to the smell of bacon and a puppy on my bed (no, I was not dreaming; this was real life), ate a breakfast sandwich, then we headed to Mount Moosilauke for our annual dose of “casual snow fun.” Each year, the group splits into 2-- one group goes on about a mile hike and then plays around (Team Casual Snow Fun) while the other summits the mountain (Team Hardcore Snow Fun). Last year Jon and I thought we were on Team Casual Snow Fun, but ended up going on a 6 mile hike (although parts of that were me crawling on my hands and knees while Jon yelled at me). This year I was totally interested in real casual snow fun, thanks to my knee, but as per usual, got wrapped up in what everyone else was doing and we ended up on a 5 mile hike, with 1,300+ feet of elevation gain. My knee started to hurt a bit, which is probably why we didn’t do 6 again, but I was glad to have been able to do that with Jon and our friends. After the hike, we headed back to the cabin to drink, eat mac & cheese, and lots of cake. Greg and Abbe’s parties always bring together the most random-- but yet, most fun-- group of people, and I’ll never turn down new friends!
    • Workout recap: 5 mile hike
LOOK AT ALL THE DOGS! FIVE! Oh, and all my friends! #PartyFormerlyKnownAsSokolSokol

LOOK AT ALL THE DOGS! FIVE! Oh, and all my friends! #PartyFormerlyKnownAsSokolSokol


  • Total mileage for the week:
    • Running: Who knows?! For once I wasn’t being super OCD about my mileage because it came in chunks… but maybe 3.5+ miles?
    • Swimming: 2,500 yards in 52:09

Final thoughts from the week: I’m exhausted. Between having to figure out my apartment situation, Race the T, and swimming, I think I need a few days to do nothing but sleep and binge on Netflix. I know that was all wrapped up over a week ago, but MAN, stress is THE WORST. I need some more yoga in my life!

Speaking of yoga, I’m hosting a yoga class taught by one of my favorite instructors, Jess, on Sunday at YogaWorks Comm Ave. to benefit Back on My Feet. In addition to Jess being a kick-ass teacher (who will kick your ass), my friend Mark will be there DJing a 90’s playlist. Who doesn’t love good friends, 90’s music, yoga, and a live DJ? Oh, and the class is only $5 (cash)-- definitely the cheapest class around! Hope to see you there.