Boston Week 6

Sorry this is so late, friends! This week has been crazy and basically went like this: workout, work, eat dinner, drink wine, go to sleep: repeat and somehow make time to watch The Bachelor and turn off my brain for 2 hours. Since the running was going a bit better, we decided to “increase mileage” and see how much I could handle. Yay treadmill running! Yay more steps! I also put more of an emphasis on foam rolling this week, as per the doctor’s orders.

Week 5 (1/22-1/28)

  • Sunday: 5 minute walk/15 minute run/5 minute walk
    • Since we spent the day before hiking, I woke up and my legs were already fried. I debated saving my “run” for when I was back in Boston, but since the Patriots were playing (go Pats!) I decided to just get it over with. I had planned to run for 15 minutes, but 5 minutes in my knee started to hurt, and after 6 minutes I decided to shut it down. Honestly, it pissed me off a lot, since I was starting to be able to handle a bit more volume, but knew I had hiked the day before. Thankfully, after my run I was greeted with bacon, eggs, and puppies. After breakfast, we cleaned up the cabin and headed home before settling in for the night in front of the Pats game.
    • Workout recap
      • 5 minute walk/6 minute run/5 minute walk
  • Monday: Swim
    • I headed to PT in the morning, then thankfully got to do yoga during the day at work. After a long day, I forced myself to get in the pool for a bit before running to Lululemon with Sarah after we received emails about our 40/80k challenge prizes. After we got our shirts and shorts, I made a quick stop at J.P. Licks (the week was already calling for ice cream), then headed to Jana’s to foam roll and watch The Bachelor. Again, I’m very lucky Jana lives approx. 3 minutes away and we get to spend so much time together. I also got my MRI results and found out I didn’t have any tears (yay!) but did have a discoid meniscus (a “rare human anatomic variant that usually affects the lateral meniscus of the knee”). My doctor said I can run through the pain as much as possible, and to continue to roll out my IT band and hamstring. While I was happy to hear I didn’t have a tear, part of me thinks it would have been easier to fix the problem if it was torn. Anyways, onwards...
    • Workout recap: 1,150 yards in 23:57
Jana, 90+, J.P. Licks, Nuun, The Bachelor: all I need on a Monday night

Jana, 90+, J.P. Licks, Nuun, The Bachelor: all I need on a Monday night


  • Tuesday: Bike, Swim
    • I stupidly agreed to meet Sarah to swim super early (at 7:00-- I’m being dramatic) and got on the bike for a bit before getting in the pool. I knew Sarah was going to swim laps around me (she literally did), so I decided to limit my time in the pool with her… and I was tired from swimming the night before. After we swam, we walked to work (while stopping at 7-Eleven for hot chocolate, because Sarah is obsessed) and Sarah must have been chocolate wasted because she told me I had the form of a competitive swimmer. I’m sure I choked on whatever drink was in my mouth at the time. After work, I made Jon and I pasta and clams (and shrimp and mussels) to celebrate our one year anniversary. I still can’t believe Jon’s put up with me for a year :)
    • Workout recap
      • 9 mile bike
      • 700 yards in 14:19
Before Sarah got chocolate wasted

Before Sarah got chocolate wasted


  • Wednesday: Walk/15 minute run/walk; lifting
    • Since I hadn’t run since the failure on Sunday, I was excited to try again before Tom turned me into a human pin cushion. I had some pain starting around 8 minutes, but made it through 15 minutes (1.6 miles!) before I wanted to cry. After work, I went back to the gym to continue with Jeremy’s lifting plan.
    • Workout recap: 1.6 mile run
      • Lifting
  • Thursday: Walk/Run; Swim; Core
    • Holy marathon of a workout! I got on the treadmill after work to walk for a bit, then planned to run for 7 minutes. Well, I like round numbers and ran for 8 until I got to .9 miles on my watch. My knee felt a little sore, but I got in the pool for a bit. After swimming, I had been neglecting core, so I somehow managed to do Core 2 without eating my arm. Thankfully, Maya was in Back Bay so we grabbed dinner at Chipotle together before I basically fell asleep eating dinner.
    • Workout recap:
      • .9 mile run
      • 1,750 yards (~1 MILE!) in 35:53
      • Core
Reading excel sheets with 198371928 cells of data is less painful when you're foam rolling

Reading excel sheets with 198371928 cells of data is less painful when you're foam rolling


  • Friday: 20 minute run!
    • I was equally excited and anxious about this workout. I was excited to run, but nervous how my knee would hold up. After a quick walk warmup, I set the treadmill at 6.3 (9:31 ppm-- 1 minute slower than my normal “easy” pace… booo) and got going. I felt a little pain 8 minutes in, it got a bit worse, but was pretty manageable for the whole 20 minutes. Yay! After the run, I made myself do Core 3 (again, trying to get back onto the core train and not turn into Jon-What’s Core?-Levitt). After work I met up with some friends for sushi, where apparently Jon’s a local (because they know his order), but I’m not there yet, because they only know I’m the one who handles the bill splitting. #Goals
    • Workout recap: 2.3 miles in 21:43
      • Core 3
  • Saturday: Lift, Walk, Yoga
    • I get pretty OCD about my lifting, so if I don’t get both days of my lifting plan in for the week, I get anxious and it drives me crazy. I woke up decently early and headed to the gym to do day 3 of lifting, and then walk for an hour on the treadmill before yoga. Yoga class kicked my butt, and my knee was hurting more than usual, which made me start thinking more about the future (and how realistic running Boston was). That night, Jon and I went to TD Garden to watch Eric Church play. Although my knee was being a pain in the ass, the show was great, and I would 12/10 recommend seeing Eric Church.
  • Total mileage for the week:
    • Running: 6 miles (L O L)
    • Biking: 9 miles
    • Swimming: 3,600 yards in 1:14:09
And then Tom turned me into a human pin cushion and punching bag

And then Tom turned me into a human pin cushion and punching bag

Although I was glad to be ramping up the mileage, this week left me so exhausted-- physically and mentally-- thankfully knowing I didn’t have a meniscus tear made things a bit better.